The Checklist of the Spiders of Iran (Arachnida: Araneae) --- Version 2020

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Palpimanidae Thorell, 1870

1)   Palpimanus gibbulus Dufour, 1820

Records: West Azerbaijan, Yazd.

Distribution: Mediterranean, Central Asia, Iran (?).


P. g.: Roewer, 1955: 752 (distribution record).

Comment: This species is probably misidentified.

2)   Palpimanus sogdianus Charitonov, 1946

Records: Isfahan, Kermanshah, Tehran.

Distribution: Turkey, Iran, Central Asia.


P. s.: Marusik & Guseinov, 2003: 40, f. 12-14, 29-35 (♂♀).

P. s.: Zamani et al., 2017b: 57 (distribution record).

P. s.: Zamani et al., 2018a: 192 (distribution record).